Safe Streets to Transit

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The Safe Streets to Transit (SSTT) program provides funding to counties and municipalities to improve access to transit facilities and all nodes of public transportation.

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Safe Streets to Transit Program Milestones


April - July

Resolution Due

No later than July 31

Grant Announcement

No later than November 30

Project Award

24 months after Grant Announcement

Who is Eligible

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  • New Jersey Municipalities (Targeted Urban Municipalities receive additional consideration)

  • New Jersey Counties

  • Projects within 0.5-mile radius of a transit facility are given priority, but projects within 1 mile of a transit facility will also be considered.

Program Benefits

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    Improve the overall safety and accessibility for mass transit riders walking to transit facilities

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    Encourage mass transit users to walk to transit stations

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    Facilitate the implementation of projects and activities that will improve safety in the vicinity of transit facilities (approximately one-half mile for pedestrian improvements)

Selection Criteria

Proximity to Transit Facility

Existing transit service in the vicinity of the proposed project (Projects within 0.5 mile-radius given priority).

Improved Safety

Eliminate hazardous conditions to improve pedestrian safety.

Increased Accessibility

Increase non-motorized accessibility for all existing and potential transit users.

Access to Schools

Improve access from the transit station or stop to any public or private school within the application’s one mile radius.

Pedestrian Incidents

Pedestrian crashes or incidents on the project route over the last three years.

Complete Streets

Additional consideration for applications that have adopted Complete Streets Resolution and evidence of an Implementation Plan.

Matching Funds

Any matching funds for the proposed project.

Prior Initiatives

Other safety improvements utilizing applicant’s own resources that are linked to the project.

Equity Criteria

Additional consideration for projects addressing equity criteria.

Project Profile

Downtown Traffic Calming Improvements, Margate City

The intersection of Washington Avenue and Ventnor Avenue in downtown Margate is a major pedestrian safety issue due to poor design and growing traffic congestion. The City is proposing to extend the sidewalk on Ventnor Avenue into Washington Avenue to provide a safer pedestrian crossing at this very busy intersection. This improvement will physically restrict vehicles from attempting to make a left turn onto Washington Avenue, which is illegal. Currently, the City has installed temporary barriers at this intersection, which maintains traffic flow but are not as effective as the planned improvements. The construction of the proposed improvements will provide a significant benefit to City of Margate residents and visitors. The traffic calming will provide for a more aesthetically pleasing and safe experience for the pedestrians at this intersection, and provide safety for pedestrians who use the NJ Transit bus stops at the intersection of Ventnor and Washington Avenues.

How to Apply to State Aid Programs

Applications must be made through the SAGE system. Instructions are available. The major components are the Scope of Work, explaining how the project meets each of the criteria, and the Data Sheet. All applications must include maps and photos are encouraged to show expected project achievements. All applications are scored based in part on the online applications and supporting documentation.

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