County Aid

County Aid

Amendments have been made for grant recipients of Transportation Trust Fund funds. An Act concerning transportation projects funded through the Local Aid Program have been made in effect for the FY2020 County Aid program in accordance with Senate bill No.S2863.

County Aid funds are appropriated by the Legislature annually for the improvement of public roads and bridges under county jurisdiction. Public transportation and other transportation projects are also included. Each fiscal year commencing FY 2017, $161.25 million is appropriated for Local County Aid Program.

Annually on July 31, each county will be advised of the amount of county local aid funds allotted for the current State fiscal year. Counties are required to submit their applications online using SAGE (System for Administering Grants Electronically). Submissions shall be made by December 1st of each year.

Starting in FY2015 new regulations are in effect for County Aid applications and SAGE is updated to reflect this.

Each county must develop an Annual Transportation Program (ATP). In accordance with the County Aid regulations N.J.A.C. 16:20A, the ATP shall list a pool of eligible projects by name and location, including municipality, with a brief description of each project, project limits, and an estimate of the construction cost. The total cost of the pool of projects may exceed the amount of county local aid funds available. The ATP shall be approved by the appropriate county governing body before submission to the Department for final approval and shall include a certification that allotted funds will only be spent on eligible costs for projects set forth in the county’s approved ATP.

Each project advancing in an approved ATP must be established by the county in SAGE in accordance with the County Aid regulations N.J.A.C. 16:20A.

NJDOT is requiring an annual report on the expenditure of funds. The annual report must be submitted by December 31 of each year in accordance with County Aid regulations N.J.A.C. 16:20A. County’s progress in expending its allotment of local aid will be measured on an annual basis using the information contained in this report.

Additional detailed information can be found in the State Aid Handbook.